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The Daily Shitshow - Wayne White

$13.95 USD

Wayne White is a multi-media fine artist whose word paintings integrate large, humorous phrases into vintage thrift store paintings. These giant, colorful letters are here to display exactly what you want to say, especially when life is a shitshow. The Daily Shitshow features 15 original (and foul-mouthed!) artworks by Wayne White in an exciting new format. The interchangeable art cards sit inside a freestanding gold printed frame for truly dynamic desk art. Each Daily Shitshow set contains 15 art cards with the artwork details printed on the back. Each 3 x 5" card is made of sturdy paperboard and packed in a colorful gift box. Wayne White is a multi-media artist born in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He has worked professionally as a cartoonist, illustrator, painter, sculptor, set and puppet designer, and animator. He has shown his paintings and sculptures in galleries all over the world.