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Pickleball Improve Your Game - Track Your Success

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Take your game to the next level with Pickleball, a guided skills journal and game tracker.
Fast, fun, and oh-so-sociable, pickleball is the game that’s taken the world by storm. From the first match, “picklers” are hooked on the quick action, strategic play, and 
mental and physical benefits of this low-impact, highly enjoyable game. Pickleball isn’t just a sport anymore—it’s a way of life. 
Pickleball, an interactive workbook, will help you elevate your pickleball game no matter your starting level. Using tried-and-true techniques from the fields of sports psychology and self-improvementPickleball encourages you to approach the game with a growth mindset, creating a path to stronger performance through intention, accountability, and reflection. You’ll strengthen your game with:
  • A skills inventory that helps you identify your starting point
  • Exercises that help you identify your mental obstacles
  • A detailed goal-setting process
  • Game trackers that allow you to evaluate your play

All of the book’s features will help you take charge of your gameplay and reach the next level. From 
recording a training plan to confronting your inner critic with a pep talk from your inner coach, you’ll take steps that will help you before you even step onto the court. A brief history of pickleball, pickleball trivia, and inspirational quotes are sprinkled throughout.

This workbook is a must-have tool for pickleball players of any skill level.