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Palo Santo & Sage Incense Sticks

$18.95 USD

  • SANTO & SAGE: We work with perfumers to source nature's finest ingredients, creating high-quality, candles that tell a special fragrance story to fit your mood
  • HAZE INCENSE & HOLDER: A hazy glass jar filled with fragranced incense sticks in your favorite scent; convenient glass lid functions as an incense holder
  • LONG LASTING: Includes 100 sticks of high-quality scented incense that will fill your home with an inviting fragrance
  • UPCYCLED BEAUTY: Repurpose the glass jar when finished; great for storing beauty items, or holding knick knacks
  • ARTFULLY CRAFTED: Paddywax is an artisan company specializing in candles and diffusers that that are made with quality materials, inspiring color palettes, and intriguing fragrances to set the tone in your home