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Movers Shakers Mommies and Makers

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"Being a Mom is a full-time job, and starting a business is no easy feat. These Moms are here to tell the story of how they managed to do both " - Barbara Corcoran

Eleven moms share their stories behind businesses that have grown from side-projects in craft-rooms and garages to nationally recognized brands. The furniture, clothing, toys, carrying wraps, diaper bags, and other products these women create can now be found in stores nationwide, including retailers such as Nordstrom and Walmart.

"We often only see the end result of a successful business yet have no idea about an entrepreneur's years of work, sweat, and tears that got them to a place of success. This book highlights the ups, downs, long roads traveled, empty bank accounts, and breaking through of barriers that were once part of the journey of some amazing business women and mothers. Being a mom isn't easy, so hearing how they juggled motherhood and growing a business will give you the inspiration to leave your excuses behind you and go after your dreams." - Joy Cho, Oh Joy