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Keep It Down Up There

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Following a full day in the life of particularly cacophonous upstairs neighbors, Keep It Down Up There!​ lightheartedly commiserates about the trials and tribulations of apartment living. 

Often, we downstairs tenants are left wondering: How many HIIT workout classes can a person take? They're hammering 
another frame into the wall—what is this, a museum? Who on earth blends a smoothie at this hour? Could they be running a secret nightclub from their bedroom? Finally, here is a laugh-out-loud book that feels your pain.

RELATABLE HUMOR THAT SPARKS A CONVERSATION: Noisy neighbors, unfortunately, are not a rare occurrence. While annoying in the moment, when used as a conversation piece, everyone loves discussing their anecdotal evidence of incredibly noisy neighbors. The laughs inspired by stories of midnight vacuuming and early morning at-home jump roping are always belly deep. 

WELCOME TO ADULTING: Most people have run into noisy neighbors at some point or another. Whether you're currently living in an apartment or just signed for your first home, we've all been there, and the joke never gets old. 
FUNNY GIFT AT A GREAT PRICE: This hilarious and affordably priced dip-in-dip-out book is a great gift for first apartment/housewarmings, dorm dwellers, graduates, or anyone who has ever experienced the joys of apartment life. Pair with earplugs to create a complete and comical set.

Perfect for:
  • Millennials & Gen Z 
  • Apartment dwellers 
  • College students & graduates
  • Housewarming or apartment welcome gift
  • Fans of illustrated humor and comic books