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Brass Monkey Pawn Shop – Casual Chess Magnetic Fridge Game with Instruction Book

$20.95 USD

  • Fridge Game – Can’t seem to find the time to sit down for a board game? Neither can we. We’re too busy opening the fridge 400 times a day–that’s why we made this magnetic version of the game. Now you can show off your chess skills (or lack-there-of) passively throughout the day–or week–or month.
  • Package Includes – Features a magnet board that sticks to your fridge, a metal cabinet, or something else that’s metal–you know, things you would put magnets on. Includes 46 magnetic game pieces. Not to mention an instruction book that explains the game in detail. Suitable for 2 players.
  • Gift Ideas – Ideal gift for housewarming parties, birthdays, graduation, holiday gifts, and Christmas.