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Mushroom Soft Rubber Charm "Top Picks" Blind Box

$8.95 USD

  • Soft Rubber Mushroom Toys: With 8 different mushroom varieties, our beautiful series is as enchanting as it eye-catching. Each one measures approximately 2in x 2in x 3in and features a black strap, making our mini mushrooms beautiful charms or keychains.
  • Fun and Educational: Who says learning has to be boring? Incredibly realistic and yet still accessible to kids, our mushroom figurines offer a safe, hands-on way to discover nature. From class projects to dioramas, our figurines make school fun and interactive.
  • Surprise Blind Box: When you purchase one of our blind mystery boxes, you receive 1 of our 8 designs. Adding fun surprise to every order, you get to unwrap the mystery. Trade our plant toys with your friends and family to collect them all for a complete set.